Categorical Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis

Resources for the APA’s ATI on Nonlinear Methods:
Categorical Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis

CRQA DemonstrationCategorical cross-recurrence quantification analysis (CRQA) is a powerful nonlinear analysis tool for uncovering how time series visit similar categorical states and trajectories through categorical states over time. Below are slides and exercises introducing categorical CRQA from the 2017 American Psychological Association Advanced Training Institute in Nonlinear Methods for Psychological Sciences, held at the University of Cincinnati. All PDFs linked below are provided for educational and personal use by the attendees of the ATI.

example paper 1: Richardson & Dale, 2005 (gaze)
example paper 2: Main, Paxton, & Dale, 2016; code on GitHub (emotion)
example paper 3Louwerse, Dale, Bard, & Jeuniaux, 2012 (multimodal)


slides reviewing exercises